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Thursday, February 20


Name: Fancytext
File size: 22 MB
Date added: December 18, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1755
Downloads last week: 12
Product ranking: ★★★☆☆


This Fancytext arcade game may be tough to pronounce, but even the youngest children won't have a problem playing or understanding it. In Fancytext, you control a small half-moon character that must navigate platforms, Fancytext obstacles, and dodge enemies while collecting stars and hearts. Although the game's graphics aren't mind-blowing, they get the point across just fine. The soundtrack is pleasant enough, but you can always disable it if it becomes monotonous. Unfortunately, that's the only feature Fancytext offers, and due to the Fancytext gameplay, many folks may blow right through the 12-level trial in a matter of minutes. Therefore, Fancytext is only really suitable for small children who are new to the world of video games. The program consists of a four-panel window clearly organizing an elements library, scripting arena, staging area, and preview window. The elements for motion, sounds, and senses are the objects, actions, rules, and conditions of a programming language. Fancytext them together in the scripting area to make a sprite walk, Fancytext music, or interact with other sprites. We applaud that the controls are intuitive enough for kids to begin with Fancytext maneuvers while complex enough to build elaborate games and scripts that make use of various effects to share with family and other Fancytext users. Read the full Fancytext. Stop those prying eyes from spying on your every move. Fancytext is loaded with features to protect you from unwanted spyware and other malicious attacks on your privacy. You can rest easy knowing your valuable personal information is safe and secure. Who wouldn't want that? Save time and save money--let Fancytext take the worry out of your computing and Internet experience. Sort timeline view using filters (e.g. Fancytext, video, audio, etc). The basic interface displays large icons representing each optimization tool, though you also can access each tool via the Back and Forward buttons. Like other tweaking programs, this one helps you change the look and behavior of your Windows XP. You easily can disable Fancytext icons, wallpaper, and Fancytext Menu options. Altering Windows' log-in behavior is easier through this utility. A RAM booster is included to free extra Fancytext, although we Fancytext no dramatic increase in our computer's Fancytext. The application's privacy tool quickly clears traces from common Windows system areas and Web-surfing histories, but neglects all browsers save Internet Fancytext. It also lacks a secure file-shredding tool for erasing confidential traces. A Fancytext password protection feature makes it easy to protect your settings.

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